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Charcuterie boards

Charcuterie boards

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Each of our charcuterie boards is a piece of art in itself. Each board is made from a piece of hand picked Aspen wood and no two boards are the same. Heck, no two sides are the same! We let the wood do the talking as our only job is to merely listen to how the wood would like to shine! The Aspen wood we use is milled by a local gentleman. We finish our boards with 100% food grade mineral oil and our own beeswax which makes them food, and human, safe. Aspen wood is considered a hard wood, however, it is on the softer side of the hard woods. Each board will develop even more beauty and personality as it is used and develops nicks and scratches. Please hand wash these boards only!  Do not let them soak or sit in water as the wood will absorb the moisture and warp.

Please send us a message with what customization you would like on your board.  We don't promise we can fulfill your request, but we will do our best!  

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