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We ranch because we love it and we love ranching because we have the honor of providing great meats and great products to wonderful people like you!

Let us introduce ourselves!

  • I.V., aka Grammy

    I.V. is the owner, and backbone, of Blue Spoon Ranch. She is also the only person who has been able to use the rung of a panel as a pillow all while resting her hand on a new calf.

  • Lissa (the mama aka the brainiac lady)

    Lissa is the manager and operator of Blue Spoon Ranch. Pearl and Goldie are not only her irrigating help but also her side kicks. Moooo!

  • Abee

    Abee is the eldest of the Blue Spoon Ranch kiddos. She is also 100% of the reason why we have any brain cells left at all!

  • Sela

    Sela is the the sweet, the spice, and the stubborn! As the middle kiddo she keeps us all in line.

  • Jaxsun

    Jaxsun is the man of the family. He has the biggest heart and the largest knowledge of dinosaurs!

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