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Beef kabobs

Beef kabobs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really raise your animals from birth, or do you buy butcher ready animals?

Yes, we really raise our animals from birth. We feel that having the honor of being involved from birth to death is very important. We raise our animals with love and respect from their first breath. Our goal is to ensure our animals happiness as that provides a great life for them and a great product for you.

How do you recommend cooking your meat?

We find that our beef is at its juiciest and most flavorful when it is cooked to a medium rare. Because our beef is lean, over cooking it can dry it out. Over cooking our beef can also eliminate some of its health benefits.

What breed do you use for your meat?

We raise angus and longhorn cross animals for our beef. The combo is amazing!

How do you manage and move your cows?

We move our cows on foot. They come when we call them, they know where to go and what to do. Because of the friendship that we build with our cattle from day one we are able to work WITH them instead of WORKING THEM.

Where do you have your meat processed?

We utilize the skill and knowledge of Mountain Meat Processing. They are a USDA inspected facility located in Fruita, Colorado.

What does 100% grass fed and grass finished mean?

100% grass fed and grass finished means that our cattle are either grazing on fresh green pastures or eating top quality hay. We do not give them corn or grains because they don't need it! Cattle are designed to thrive on just grass and that's what ours do.

You don't vaccinate your cattle? Why and how do you keep your animal healthy?

We don't vaccinate our cattle. Period. We want to provide an extraordinarily clean meat that you can feel great about eating. We have a closed herd which means that we don't bring in outside cattle allowing us to reduce the risk of sickness. We also have our cows calve later in the year which reduces the risk of cold and wet conditions that our calves are born into. Sunshine and comfortable temperatures make us feel good and our cows enjoy that too!

What do you do if an animal does get sick or injured?

If an animal does get sick or injured to the point that antibiotics are needed we will treat them appropriately. However, an animal that needs antibiotics will NOT be used for meat. We ensure the health and comfort of our animals at all times but we also make a promise to you that your meat will be antibiotic free.

How will my meat arrive?

We ship your meat frozen solid in a very well insulated box. In that box you will find either dry ice (be careful when removing the dry ice! Don't touch it with bare hands! Just pick up the corner of the bag the dry ice is in and put it in your sink to melt. Toss the bag once the dry ice is gone.) or freezer packs to ensure the appropriate temperature for your meat during its shipping journey to your door.